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  • Adam C. Brooks

Texas GLO posts Amendment 6 to Hurricane Harvey

  1. Texas GLO posts Amendment 6 to Hurricane Harvey State Action Plan for public comment

  2. AUSTIN - Today Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush posted Amendment 6 to the $5.676 billion State Action Plan for Hurricane Harvey for a federally required 30-day public comment period. The amendment details how unused or de-obligated funds will be reallocated to oversubscribed programs. "Hurricane Harvey

devastated thousands of lives and homes along the Texas Coast," said Commissioner Bush. "The GLO remains dedicated to leveraging crucial recovery dollars effectively and efficiently to help families and communities recover and rebuild stronger than before the storm." The amendment includes the following changes, among other updates: Reallocates the state-administered Homeowner Assistance Program (HAP) public service funds to oversubscribed HAP H-GAC regionReallocates remaining funds from Partial Repair and Essential Power for Sheltering (PREPS) and the Local Buyout/Acquisition Program to the Multifamily Affordable Rental Program, bringing the total for the program to $586 millionReallocates Harris County project delivery funds to the county's housing and infrastructure programs To view Amendment 6, visit All comments should be submitted to by 5:00 p.m. on April 8, 2020, to be considered. Per federal requirements, the GLO must respond to public comments before the amendment can be sent to HUD for its 45-day final approval.


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