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  • Adam C. Brooks

Pinehurst Mayoral Race - May 7th Election

by Ginger Broomes

(Note: The Brooks Report Live is providing this as informational only, and does not endorse any candidates)

Candidate Sarah McClendon:

I have lived in the Pinehurst area for over 42 years. I am currently employed by

Arden Place of Beaumont as the Maintenance Director since 2013 to present. I

am a member of the City of Pinehurst council from May 2015 to present. I have

been a Board member of the Orange County Teachers Credit Union for four years.

Prior to working at Arden Place of Beaumont I worked for 23 years as educator

with Orangefield ISD. I am also a member of the Southeast Texas Regional

Planning Commission.

My love for the Pinehurst community is the main reason I am running for Mayor.

The people and families that have lived in this community for years speak

volumes as to the commitment and dedication for the love of the area. The need

to have someone in office that is willing to speak with the people and hear their

concerns. I would hope to fix concerns and improve our community. I am looking

forward to the growth and welcoming new families into our beautiful


The issues I would like to address are the drainage concerns and improving and

restructuring the drainage . Cleaning up the city is another concern regarding the

need to improve and work with our Code Enforcement Office that will improve

the appearance is some areas.

I want to thank our citizens for their continued support and I am looking forward

to becoming the next Mayor of Pinehurst. May God bless us all.

Candidate Johnny Asevedo:

Name and occupation: Johnny Asevedo, Lead Pastor of Destiny Church, Senior Marketing Director for Mid America Mortgage

Why are you running for office: Because I love Pinehurst TX and feel I bring the needed passion, ideas, drive, and leadership to continue to BUILD upon the foundation of this great City.

Experience in public office/community service: Years of experience as Senior Pastor, Marketing Director, Current City Councilman, Current Pinehurst Rep for the SETX Regional Planning Committee

Issues important to you/your voters: Economical development, bringing in new activities for families, focus on continuing to upkeep roads, sewage, drainage & their issues being made known and something being done about it.

How have you addressed these issues, or how are you addressing these issues: I’ve addressed these by continuing to talk with City Manager & council members to make sure we are trending in the direction of growth and properly handling what needs to be done. Since being in office (May 2021) I have launched the ‘Neighbors helping Neighbors’ Clean Up initiative - ‘Business Spotlight’ (Videos highlighting the current businesses in the city, this has generated THOUSANDS of view and interactions for the businesses in Pinehurst), the First Annual ‘Pinehurst Holiday Market’ (which brought great awareness to the businesses of Pinehurst and brought in great revenue and visitation to Pinehurst)

What will be your focus going forward: Continuing to know the needs of Pinehurst by being connected and investing in the City and its people daily.


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