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  • Adam C. Brooks


A second candidate has announced her bid for Lumberton ISD’s school board position 2. This just weeks after Patrick Bell had announced his candidacy for the position, and just a few months after Julie Walker stepped down last November after 16-years on the board, however neither of the two candidates are vying for that position. Here are some snippets of Rothes announcement from her announcement on Facebook earlier this week. “My name is Lauren Caywood Rothe and I will be running for Position 2 in the Lumberton ISD School Board election. I am running because I am passionate and prideful of Lumberton and our schools. I want to be involved and guarantee that every child in our district be given the same opportunities to learn, grow, and excel with the best curriculum, a wide-array of extracurricular activities, schools that can support them, and teachers and administrators who can make it happen.”

Being a "born and raised" Lumbertonian, raising 3rd generation Raiders, working for LISD (2007-2008, and 2008-2009), in childcare, special education, and in many local businesses, I understand the need to be competitive with larger neighboring districts while having fewer resources available. Also, because I grew up here, and because I have served in a wide variety of ways in our school district and in our community, I believe many people, from senior citizens to young families and youth, know me and are comfortable sharing their perspectives, ideas, and concerns about the school district with me. “The Lumberton ISD school board elections take place May 2nd.


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