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  • Adam C. Brooks

City-Approved Purchases Seek to Improve Drainage Issues in Orange Neighborhoods -

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

by Ginger Broomes

ORANGE - The City Council today approved the purchase of $269,000 worth of pumps for wastewater lift stations throughout the city of Orange.

James Ingram, Assistant Engineer of Public Works and Engineering for the City of Orange, presented multiple contractor bids to the council for new pumps to include the following lift station locations: Beagle Road, MLK, Cove, Sikes, Burton, and for the three largest stations at 11th, Jackson and Simmons.

Ingram stated that these pumps should come in within the next 4-6 weeks, compared to 18 weeks for some of the competitor pumps.

Although drainage has been improved citywide, especially since Harvey in 2017,

some areas – like Norwood Drive and the surrounding area - still experience water and sewage backing into homes with the smallest amount of rain. These citywide upgrades – which, Ingram said, are expected to be complete prior to hurricane season - should alleviate most of that.

The Council also approved $165,000 for Professional Engineering Services for the Burton Avenue, Simmons Drive, and Jackson Street Lift Stations Mechanical and Electrical Upgrade project.

Also approved by the Council was $401,561 in improvements for the Sunset Park area waterline.

Public Works Director Jim Wolf stated that this project will replace approximately one mile of waterline in the neighborhood of Sunset Park. The affected area has Cordrey Avenue to the south, HEB to the north, railroad tracks on the east, and 16th Street to the west.

“We’ll be doing the perimeter first, then going into the neighborhood,” Wolf said. “The water line is 60 to 70 years old.”

Wolf said the goal is to do the project in such a way that residents are not without water for more than an hour or two.


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