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  • Adam C. Brooks

HARDIN COUNTY: Voters will have more options

From Hardin County Judge Wayne McDaniel: Hardin County voters will have more opportunities than ever before to vote for the candidates of their choice during this very important Primary Election. Commissioners Court worked with the County Clerk in her role as the Elections Administrator, the Tax Assessor-Collector in her role as the Voter Registrar and the Party Chairs of the Democratic and Republican Parties to set dates, times and locations for Election Day, Early Voting and Temporary Branch Early Voting agreeable to all while ensuring compliance with State Statutes.

If anyone has questions concerning the March 3, 2020 Primary Election in Hardin County, feel free to contact Glenda Alston, County Clerk, or Alysa Freeman, Deputy County Clerk, at (409) 246-5185. They will also be providing after-hours phone numbers to you once those phones have been obtained within the next few weeks. *The deadline to register to vote in the 2020 Primary Election is February 3, 2020. Any Hardin County citizen with questions concerning Voter Registration may contact Debbie Yancey at (409) 246-5180. 

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