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  • Adam C. Brooks

Voters registration deadline

Are you registered? 

Voters who are wanting to vote in the March 3, 2020 elections need to be registered by February 3, 2020. which is the last day to register to vote. Hardin County Tax Assessor-Collector Shirley Cook said, “The voter registration cards were sent out 1-2 weeks ago. They are orange in color. If a person did not get one they need to contact our office immediately.” 

Find Out if You’re Already Registered to Vote at Can’t remember if you’ve registered in the past? Please feel free to use our Am I Registered? Website that not only confirms whether you are registered or not, but will even allow you to search for your polling place location prior to an election. The service is easy to use. All you need is a Texas Driver’s license to get started. If you know that you have not registered to vote then please use the Informal Online Application service which is displayed below. Where to Get a Application You can register in person at your county Voter Registrar’s office. (In most Texas counties, the Tax Assessor-Collector is also the Voter Registrar. In some counties, the County Clerk or Elections Administrator registers voters.) Or you can register by mail by obtaining an application from your county Voter Registrar’s office or pick up applications at libraries, government offices, or high schools.  

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