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  • Adam C. Brooks

The Brooks Report EXCLUSIVE Tomas Resigns as Silsbee Mayor

In an email on Tuesday, Dec, 10. Exclusive to The Brooks Report, Mayor Mike Tomas announces he will resign as Mayor.

“I am here today to announce my resignation as Mayor of Silsbee effective December 31, 2019. First, I would like to thank my family, friends and supporters. This decision did not come easy for me. I had three main goals when I started this journey, first to support the employees of the City, to promote Silsbee in a positive manner, and growing business in Silsbee that was in the best interest of both the citizens and the City. After a short time in office I realized that my goals were not in line with some members of the City Council nor that of the City Manager. Many do not realize, but the position of Mayor has no power to change things, the Mayor simply is there to conduct the City Council meetings and to sign off on what the Council has approved.

I have lost confidence in the way in which the city’s business is being conducted, I have voiced my concerns and yet decisions are still being made that I cannot sign my name to, and that I have no power to change. My biggest objection is to the proposed new hotel. The City is putting up all the up front cost and the developer is not putting in any of their own money, this to me is a “red flag”. Why would a developer not want any of their own moneys invested in a project such as this? Next, it has been reported to me that a council member and City employees are conducting themselves in a manner that compromises the integrity of the entire council and the City. I reported this allegation to the City Manager and requested an investigation into the allegations in regard to the City employees, this was nearly two weeks ago and as of today nothing has been done. I cannot be a part of organization that allows certain members to compromise my integrity nor that of the City. Last, one of my main objectives was to work with the Police Association to secure a new contract for the officers. Two council members made it clear, they did not support the police department and would not vote for a new contract.

Again, I want to thank everyone who supported me on this journey. God Bless, each and every one of you.”

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