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  • Adam C. Brooks

Lumberton boys Super Bowl bound

How about some support for these little guys! Time to roll out the red carpet Saturday as these fellows depart the middle school at around 3:15PM heading to Port Arthur for the "SUPER BOWL"! Lumberton Senior White football team and cheerleaders will try to bring home the trophy AGAIN. The parents will have signs displayed along the highway showing their support and are asking for the community to come out and join them to show their support as well! One of the coaches, Kevin Cline said, “When we leave we will travel south on 96 with Police Escorts. Any Tailgating support while on the way out would be greatly appreciated.” The team will go head to head against Bridge City at 5:00PM on Saturday at Memorial Stadium. Coaches are Danny Golden, Kevin Cline, Adam Grimmer, Brandon Williams, Jeff Fuselier, Daniel Wallace and Jason Pullen. Sideline moms are Michelle Cline, Brenda Fuselier, Jill Farris, Amanda Tiner.

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