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  • Adam C. Brooks


Judge Earl B. Stover III, would like to announce that he will seek reelection as 88th District Court Judge in the 2020 Republican primary. The 88th District Court serves Hardin and Tyler County‘s.

Stover said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my job as District Judge and hope to continue my career in the judiciary. When I first sought election I pledged to be absolutely committed to preserving our heritage of equal justice, fairness to all in swift severe, sure punishment for those who are transgress our laws. In compliance with my pledge I have worked hard to serve and maintain the high standard of the judiciary.“

Judge Stover concluded by saying, “I am grateful to all the citizens of Hardin and Tyler County for allowing me to serve as your district judge. I have worked hard to reduce the civil, criminal, juvenile and tax dockets and hope that the citizens will allow me the privilege of serving them another term. Thank you for your support and vote.“

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