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  • Adam C. Brooks


To the Citizens of Hardin County, I am announcing my intention to seek re-election as Sheriff of Hardin County. I am very proud of the accomplishments of my staff since taking office. Although we continue to face challenges as our County experiences growth and expansion, my commitment to our citizens is stronger than ever. I have surrounded myself with well-qualified supervisors and a professional staff that share these same values of service to others with fairness and professionalism. We strive to make Hardin County a great place to live and work. I am so proud of our efforts during the two major flooding events that crippled our County. My staff and I partnered with what I consider to be some of the greatest fire departments anywhere in the State, right here in our own county, to help our citizens. I am excited about our new website and cell phone App along with the creation of neighborhood watch groups throughout the County. With the help of some tremendous community volunteers, I organized and promoted the first annual Cops-n-Kids Day to interact with our kids and youth. These are just some of the examples of my promise to better connect with our residents. I have added a Mental Health Deputy with special training at no additional cost to our local budget. I pledge to continue our service to others with compassion because the County Jail is not the appropriate place for persons suffering from mental illness. I am proud of my collaboration with other agencies in our County. We continue to network and share ideas and we enjoy a great working relationship. I continue to be ever mindful of taxpayer monies. My office has ended the last three budget years with a surplus that was returned to the county’s general fund balance. Lastly, I pledge to continue the relentless pursuit of those who violate the safety of our communities. Drug dealers and thieves have no safe passage in our County and must be brought to justice. I ask for your vote and support in the upcoming 2020 Republican primary election.

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