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  • Adam C. Brooks

$100,000 donation to the 100 Club of Southeast Texas

The One Hundred Club of SETX received a significant gift from the Wilton and Effie Mae Hebert Foundation on Tuesday, Feb. 18. A $100,000 donation from the Hebert Foundation, a Port Neches charitable trust, to the 100 Club of Southeast Texas will go to the Survivor Fund. “This is the largest single individual donation that the club has ever gotten,” Don Burnett, Club Treasurer said. Newly established, the Survivor Fund goes toward helping first responders injured in the line of duty. “It was a fund that was set up by (100 Club of SETX) after the Sour Lake Officer who got injured in the line of duty,” Burnett said. The fund provides financial assistance to injured first responders in Jefferson, Hardin, and Orange Counties, the club coverage area, during recovery. Burnett says the club originated in 1988 after the death of Beaumont Officer Paul Hulsey to provide death benefits to the families of firefighters or police officers killed in the line of duty. The new fund will fill the gap to help injured those who survive injury and whose families also need assistance. “The 100 Club of SETX is a fine organization,” Lumberton Police Chief Danny Sullins, a Lifetime Member said. The chief says the fund will go a long way to help as many first responders. “The Survivor Fund (payout) is determined by a board of directors as to the amount and length of recovery money,” Chief Sullins said. Tuesday’s press release states that the fund helps firefighters and law enforcement officers, but the chief says it also covers DPS, ATF, Park Service, Game Wardens, and other agents. The press release also states that the 100 Club formed “to ensure that families are not forgotten after a death in the line of duty.” “We cover three counties, all the police and firemen, so we have a huge task ahead of us to take care of and guard each family,” 100 Club of SETX President Joe Penland said.


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